For the past 4 weeks, a lot has happened, I owe you guy a big explanation for my absence. I have been on an unplanned social media and blog break. I spilled tea on my Mac-book which resulted in some liquid damage on my keyboard (it has now been fixed and working fine). Seven days after my phone broke unexpectedly. Having no gadgets allowed me to focus on my vision and goals for 2018 in great details. Furthermore, I was able to complete one of my goals which are to read more. I managed to read and finish two books: The Hidden Secrets of Millonaires by B.B Goldsmith and The Origin by Dan Brown. Both interested and enjoyable books to read. – if you do read them let me know how you get on. J

During my mini-hiatus, I discovered that nothing can bring you happiness if you’re not doing what you love. I have spoken about this topic before here so I won’t go into further details. Howere I realized that the process of doing what you love every day is not an easy route. Seasons come and seasons go. When you venture outside your comfort zone always have something that will strenghten and encourage you to carry on.

Wearing full face makeup and gele enabled me to embrace and appreciate my African Roots.


Motto for 2018

Faith is having the utmost confidence and trust in something and someone. However, in 2018 I believe that having faith in your abilities will get you far. When you have faith in who you are, and what you offer, and that positive energy will help you attract and achieve all that you desire.  As opposed to “Fake it till you make it”, where you’re merely acting like an imposter and not reaching your full potential.

Take a few minutes each day meditate on something you want to achieve this year.

 “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell



I would love to know more about your thoughts on  “HAVING FAITH  TILL YOU MAKE IT or FAKING IT TO MAKE IT. What gives you the most strength to achieve your goals? What will encourage you to leave your comfort zone.   For example I have faith that I will create a job that will enable me to travel  around the world and inspire people along the way or I can just chill by the beach and sipping mocktails.  Lol

I wore this beautiful ensemble for my friends traditional marriage.  finally managed to upload it post it on the blog.
Dress Lipsy London


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