Travel – Zimbabwe

Travel – Zimbabwe

Its true what they say home is where the heart is. In 2015 alone I took about three trips to my home country Zimbabwe.  I took three trips back home for several reasons other than to see family and friends who were around at the time.  My other reason for going was to take a break from England, I needed peace and quiet. I needed to hear myself think again.  Since I left the country at a tender age, I only had rough memories of home. Thankful a very good friend of mine took me to my now favourite place, called the ‘Balancing Rocks’.   Balancing Rocks can be found in Epworth which is South-east Harare. The name is self explanatory really.  Rocks that are balancing on top of each other with nothing else supporting them. There is something calming and soothing about a mini hike in the woods surrounded by nothing but nature, rocks of various shapes and sizes , no wifi – however I would be lying if I said I didn’t have my phone out half of the time I was there. Well how else was I suppose to take pictures?

ZIM 162



Being a Libra I understand the importance of balance. If my life is not balanced I am literally a mess! My last trip home was the most unbalanced trip of my life. Several events occurred that made me want to question a lot of things. As Thomas Mweton said 

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”

Life is too short to have regrets but I truly say I travelled safely and that I learnt a lesson or two. The biggest lesson I learnt was to always listen and trust my gut. I had doubts prior to my trip, wish I paid more attention to signs! Anyway everything happens for a reason. 


img_1416.jpegAbove you have the ‘money’ rock, legend has it that if you rub the rocks, you will attract lots of money into your life.  So  if you ever find yourself in Harare, Zimbabwe take a trip down enjoy the sun, breeze and most importantly peace and quiet.  December January is the best time to visit, it’s not too hot or cold. Most importantly it’s the season for all the major wild fruits.  Obviously there are other places to visit in Zimbabwe I just highlighted the one that are important and mean something to me. 😉 

Balance is the true key to success


other places to visit:

Kariba, Victoria Falls, Great Zimbabwe, Lion and Cheetah Park, Nyanga Mountains, Chinhoyi Caves.

There is a cute little art gallery near Harare Gardens it will only cost you a dollar to get in. If you need inspiration head down there.


Daisy – xo



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