Travel Guide: My Adventures In Italy Part 1

Travel Guide: My Adventures In Italy Part 1

A long long, like 8 months ago B.C (Before Corona) I was fortunate enough to visit – Italy. It was by fair the best holiday that I had even been to. Simply because the Italian coast gave me everything that I love in on place. – Sun , Sea, Sand, Good Views, Good Food. Everyday was and adventure!

The most popular destinations of the Amalfi Coast are Amalfi, Sorrento, Salerno, Positano, Ravello, Praiano, and Maiori. And, of course, you can easily hope over to the island of Capri by ferry. Something that I am looking forward to doing when I go back. La dolce vita has always been one of my favourite quotes in life and I am about to tell you why.

There are a few different ways to explore the Amalfi Coast: taking a train and then a bus, hiring a private bus, or ferrying in, however my family and I opted to drive – this was in fact the best way to explore the coast. Driving allowed us to to beat the crowd and take the scenic route, we also had the freedom to stop wherever we wanted and take pictures and take in the beautiful views. It was an incredible adventure for me to drive up and down the mountains. I am ready to be a formula one driver. The best way to describe this experience is if you imagine the mountain drifting scene from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift 😍


The first stop in our Italian adventure is little town called Salerno. What I loved about Salerno is super-convenient for getting to other Amalfi coast towns. Its not too touristy- the food is amazing. Salerno is literally a hidden gem so between us this is a secret. Fair enough, it’s not really a secret, however since the town is less touristy it means lower prices. For everything. Dinner, coffee, gelato you name it.

If you ever wondered how the locals live and survive, Salerno is the perfect place to experience this.

Top attractions:

> Castello di Arechi : Medieval castle with multi-media and archaeological museums, park nature trails and sea views.

> Museo Diocesano: Medieval illuminated manuscripts to 17th Century paintings by Caravaggio’s followers.


The next town is called Vietri sul Mare, Italy is well known for colourful towns, restaurant terraces with breathtaking views, and blue waters that sparkle into the distance, The best place to see all of this is in Vietri. This is the pottery playground of Italy. Vietri’s pottery production dates back to Roman times. Every inch of the town is covered in decorative tile shopfronts selling ceramics. 😍 If you’re a seafood lover life me, all the best seafood restaurants are hidden in Vietri Sul Mare.

Top Attractions:

> Museo della Ceramica: the museum has a comprehensive collection, including pieces from the ‘German period’ (1929–47), 

> Ceramiche Sara : Showroom of the country’s best ceramics

> Vietri sul Mare Beach: Vietri’s ‘beach’ is actually a collection of four different beaches.

Amalfi Coast

Finale stop is Amalfi Coast – the place with the thousand steps! I’m not joking the steps alone are equivalent to two days in the gym! (ok maybe i am exaggerating)

We kept it simple our last night and ate at a local pizzeria after the steps we didn’t have the strength to go far. we spent most of the day walking around and trying to see as much as we could. We hiked through the town centre and along the coast to watch the sunset, which was beautiful to experience.

Positano is often considered to be one of the most picturesque towns on the Amalfi coast, so the step were worth it in the end. For the best views of the Amalfi Coast then you must visit Ravello.

Top Attractions

> Piazza del Duomo 

> Ravello Castle

> Path of Gods – Beautiful scenic views


The Amalfi Coast is such a wonderful place to visit in Italy and I always want to return back. Though it can get crowded and it’s not always budget-friendly, it’s well worth the visit, however if you plan things ahead your budget will not cause you any problems.

Have you been to the Amalfi Coast before? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!



  1. April 30, 2020 / 1:20 pm

    The Amalfi coast is lovely! I have loved spending time roadtripping there and around Italy with my kids. Great post and photos. Keep sharing your adventures! Julie

  2. April 30, 2020 / 1:36 pm

    I cannot wait to travel to Italy! Thanks for this! Pinning to my travel Pinterest board.

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