Nip + Fab Glycolic Range Review. 

Nip + Fab Glycolic Range Review. 

Nip and Fab have been my Holy Grail over the last few months. After my last skincare post- had to switch up my products and tried something new. I have been using their glycolic range since December it’s only last two months that I have been more consistent with my skin care routine. I absolutely love it. So far my skin has become more clearer, smoother and softer. I hardly get breakouts unless if I eat chocolate but what’s life without a little chocolate. 
The key ingredient in their products is the glycolic acid that is found in sugar cane. I have spoken about glycolic acid before and why is it’s important to implement in your skincare routines. Glycolic acid is amazing if you want healthy, clear and smooth skin as it is a natural ingredient that acts as a great as an exfoliant. It removes the outer layer of dead skin on your face leaving skin feeling and looking extra refreshed. 

Currently, my skin care routine consists of the below products

Cleansing fix 

Face Scrub

Face pads

Overnight gel 



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