Last summer I decided that my signature hair color would be red. This time round I had my hair coloured  by HairMutiq. I have to say I was so impressed with the way the colour came out.  I first came across Pimm on twitter and I would see her slaying with her many different wigs. I wondered how the colours came out so good and lasted long. So I thought I’d use her services and get my bundles coloured. Frankly, the last time I tried to dye my own bundles – it turned out to be a nightmare.  

Hair MutiQ is about providing affordable services to those clients who to wish slay and still keep ’em coins. We are dedicated to provide great customer services with our range of

expertise, such as: Wig making, bundle colouring, wig customising and cutting. We also offer first rate products in our accessories department. Customers experience this from the

comfort of their own homes. We hope you browse and enjoy the experience.  Hair Mutiq    (Everything you need to know about Hair Mutiq)

My First Impressions:

The hair was packaged really nicely (sadly I forgot to take a picture), I really do appreciate the attention to detail when receiving goodies. When I opened the packaged the hair was smooth, silky, hardly any shedding exactly the same condition that sent it off in. When I curl my hair with a wand, the curls would hold for a week or two which is impressive for coloured hair and hardly used any hairspray.


Hair tip:

I am maintaining the hair by twisting and wrapping it to protect it overnight. Washing and conditioning is essential after two weeks as a formality. My hair is hardly dry and never tangles. However, I think with coloured. If you ever need your hair bundles coloured- I recommend that you use HairMutiq. Their service is reliable, quick and they ever so patient (I must have sent Pimm 20+ pictures of colour & hair inspiration).  I actually looking forward to trying more bold hair colours now that I have a trusted hair colourist.




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