GlowwBox April Edition

GlowwBox April Edition

Hey Guys!

This post has sat in my drafts for a while, I wanted to give you my honest and not so rushed review on the products mentioned. Enjoy!

I have contemplated getting a beauty box for a while, so I conducted a little search and discovered that there are 15 beauty subscriptions online.  Out of the 13  GlowwBox & My Chocobelle Box stood out to me because they are specifically designed  to cater for WOC  (women of colour).  As far as I know (if you know of any other please do let me know.) I felt so proud to see WOC being catered for by the wider makeup industry, however I think it’s fair to say that in the UK we still have a long way to go when it comes to beauty products for WOC. Looking forward to testing out each company and find the one that truly suits me.




I’m going to start by saying that I love the packaging. Simple but still looks pretty on my desk.

PRICINGUsed a discount code they sent me when I first signed up. Only paid for packaging.


The brands included in the package are: Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Wild About Beauty, 2 True Cosmetics, Paul Mitchell


  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics  Lip Locked Priming Gloss Satin– Ever since I outgrow My Mac candy yum yum, I have never been a fan of pink lipstick or lip-gloss. However, this Manna Kadar Lip Gloss surprised me, it lasted for long hours whilst keeping my lips moisturised.   The best put is when I put it on it did not look that pink on my lips. This will be my go to lip gloss for the summer.
  • Wild About  Beauty Ultra Crème Blush(shade Phoebe) – not a fan of blush, and in my opinion this did not work well for me, or maybe I just haven’t worked out the true purpose of this product.  Basically I applied the blush with my finger and I just couldn’t see any evidence of the blush on my face. I will try it again over the weekend and see if I can add some colour to my cheeks.
  • 2 True Cosmetics Twist ‘n’ Line Eyeliner (shade15 blue) It is always nice to experiment with colour once in a while. this eyeliner took me back to my college and early days at university when I experimented with blue mascara, anything to make the eyes pop right. The colour of the liner is just right not too dull or light. I will be adding this to my go to make up kit for the summer!
  • Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave in Treatment–  Waiting to experiment this product on my little sisters hair LOL as I doubt it will define or enhance my curls I have none.
  • 2 True Cosmetics Eye Dazzler ( shades 5 & 7) – I always say I have a fear of eye shadow, truth be told I haven’t  mastered how to apply eye shadow in a way that I don’t end up looking like a crazy person!  However, these little beauties are amazing, they have the perfect pigmentation for darker skin. So ladies your summer glow is sorted

This month’s edition has an ombre lip kit which I am dying to try.

Question: Would you consider getting a beauty box?  If so Get your first GlowwBox Here   Let me know how


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