Do What You Love And Love What You Do

Do What You Love And Love What You Do

A couple of days ago I bumped into some old university classmates, then it hit me. It’s nearly three years since the day I graduated. Yes, I am a graduate which makes me a statistic in some way.  I have a Business Management degree but I find myself venturing into the world of Fashion and Writing. Looking back, I wish I did fashion related course. I know we have all be there, you get your degree, polish up your résumé, write and outstanding cover letter. Only to get this reply “After CAREFUL consideration we will not be taking your application further, we wish you  all the best in your future.”

Ask yourself truthfully how many of these replies can you stomach? Do you see yourself doing the same job for the rest of your life? Many of us have fallen into the trap which is 9-5 in hopes to do what we really love at a later stage. while there is nothing wrong with that, some of us are now living a life full of ‘I wish I did, why didn’t I do a, b, c’. Regret is that last thing that you want in your life now. Which is why  I have taken the liberty of listing down reasons why you should follow your dreams now not later.

  • Following your dreams is not easy, however the end results are they best.  At the end you will have a story to tell and somehow your story will  inspire, give hope and meaning to someone’s life. (it’s not just about you. Think of it as your way of giving back to the community.)
  • You will face challenges like no ever, however it will make you more courageous than ever before.
  • No dream is ever too big or small, you are the creator of your world, there is always a way to make your dreams a reality.
  •  A life full of regrets is not worth living, take charge and let life surprise you.
  • Independence: You alone can make a difference in the world we live in all by yourself
  • Following your dreams mean you get to have more fun.
  • Age is nothing but a number, you’re never too young or old to follow your dreams.

This goes back to my earlier post (Aftermath) doing more of what you love is a sign of self love. Hear I am follwing my dreams, I’m not quite there yet but I will be soon enough.

Graduation Day 2013

Here Some of the Inspirational quotes that keep me going.



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