Never give up on your dreams or delay them because soon as you say I can’t be bothered or give up you might have been so close to reaching your goals. In life you have to understand that’s God had planned everything for us and they everything happened for a reason. (Sounds cliché but it’s true!!) so if not now…
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Hey guys, I hope you are well. I thought I’d kick off this week with some new and different content to the blog. I am going share with you my current skin care routine. I have a friend who prides herself in just washing her face with water. Sadly for some of us not having a routine or using the…
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Smile like there is no tomorrow

A month ago I decided to cut my hair and start afresh. Only because my hair not even and in a very confused state. Half relaxed and half natural.  I have never worn my natural hair out for a long time so this a very new and terrifying territory for me.  I do however miss my long weave and different…
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