Berlin- Hambug

Berlin- Hambug

So this happened, hoped onto a 2hrs train to Germans second largest city Hamburg.

Hamburg is a lot busier than Berlin, it so crowed being an introvert I hate it. However I enjoyed the exploring the vibrant city. The city’s two lakes are its lungs. We took a stroll along the Alsterwanderweg shoreline path, passing along some of the city’s wealthiest neighbourhoods. Evidently it is cheaper to live in Hamburg than in Berlin (explains the overcrowding). I would consider revisiting Hamburg and see what the city has to offer before judging too quickly.

Hamburg Town Hall stood out to me, this due  to its elaborately decorated façade, flanked by a total of 20 statues of emperors. The following is written in Latin above the main door: “The descendants shall seek worthily to maintain the freedom achieved by their forebears.” 


Overall I enjoyed my trip to Berlin / Hamburg and enjoyed exploring various levels of photography. Berlin is a city that I would consider revisiting for the following reasons:

The people 

 Friendly, smiley and very helpful. Berlin is an easy city to navigate, once or twice I asked for help to get around. We engaged in conversation with strangers on the train which was fun as they told us about the realities of living in Berlin.

The Views 

Berlin and Hamburg put together have incredible views to offer and most importantly free history lesson (you know the stuff they don’t teach you in class).  I was constantly left in awe of they beautiful architecture that surrounded us.

The Transport

Like I mentioned before Berlin is a very easy city to navigate.  Their subway system (under ground train) puts London to shame. Trains came on time, they were hardly packed.  I had downloaded the Berlin subway app which made exploring the city fun and enjoyable.


My trip would not be complete without a little shopping involved. I loved shopping in Berlin, I discovered so many little boutiques and gem that I cannot wait to blog about.  Shopping in a foreign country is always  exciting and some-what special: Different atmosphere, different shops and different prices. In my opinion Berlin is a great city to go shopping: You can combine many shopping areas with attractions, reasonable  prices and most of the shops easily accessible.

My top 4 shopping attractions are:

  • Alexa: largest amount of shops in Berlin & perfect for if you want a effective shopping trip.
  • Kurfürstendamm (KaDeWe) Department store high end and luxury shops.
  • Mall of Berlin: perfect if you want to visit the  Jewish Memorial, the Sony Center and even the Brandenburger Tor.
  •  Hackescher Markt: supersmall flea-market, vintage.


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