Smile like there is no tomorrow

A month ago I decided to cut my hair and start afresh. Only because my hair not even and in a very confused state. Half relaxed and half natural.  I have never worn my natural hair out for a long time so this a very new and terrifying territory for me.  I do however miss my long weave and different…
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That one time I fell in a lake!

Hey guys, back with another post. Working on the whole being consistent with my my posting. Today’s post is really a throwback from when I first started blogging in 2013, I had no idea what I was doing and just fell in and out of the blogging world. However now I’m back and more determined to make this work.
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Casual Cool

Hey guys back with my second post.Sorry its a been a while. Been busy. Today post is all about keeping it causal and cool during the heat wave. So took short drive into the country with my family. Enjoying the views as you do. I full convinced that I am a duck whisperer ;-). I bought this playsuit a while…
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