Aubaine- Restaurant Review

Aubaine- Restaurant Review

Aubaine UK is popular restaurant, with 10 location in London. I have seen a lot of other bloggers write, tweet, instagram about them.  As always I was curious and wanted to know try Aubaine for myself.  So Sunday after church, my family and I where looking for somewhere to eat. After a few searches we settled for Aubaine in Kensington.  What  I liked was the their website was easy to use and we got a table booked quickly no questions asked.

My first impression of Aubaine Kensington was that it was a nice quiet, you could tell it was French restaurant. From the general ambience of the place, cool colour textures, lavender plants.   We where shown our table and given the dinner menu.  We sat for a good 10-20minutes before our waiter came to take our drinks order.   Its helped that my family and I had browsed the menu online and knew exactly what we wanted to order.

Our drinks came a few minutes after we had ordered, along with complimentary bread.  Our Started followed shorty, however the waiter, forgot that we had asked for bottled still water for the table.  We had to ask a different waiter to bring us the water. Our starter was the Aubaine Sharing board, which was both appealing to the eyes and stomach (2nd picture).  However it took us forever to get out main courses. I mean people who had order after us got their food before us.  The restaurant was;t packed and yes they may have been short staffed, but 20mins of not checking our customers is a disgrace.

For my main course I had the beef fillet, crispy shallots with Peppercorn sauce, opted for mashed potatoes over fries (3rd picture). My beef was well done,just asI like it, however it was a little dry, once I added the peppercorn sauce, thats when the party started. My little sister had the lamb rump & breast confit potatoes, pea puree. spring vegetables. My mother on the other hand had pan-fried sea bass, roasted artichoke puree and sauce Vierge.  Fortunately I do not have pictures of these, everyone was so hungry they wouldn’t let me take pictures before they ate. 🙁

Although  I enjoyed the food, I will not be returning to Aubaine in Kensington.Due to the lack of adequate customer service. The restaurant is locate in a popular tourist destination, it wouldn’t kill to provide a service with a smile and checking in on customers, seeing if they are ok, ready to have their mains or if there is anything else they would like. I will try Aubaine food again at at different location!!

If you want try Aubaine for yourself. Here is a link to book a table:


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