Tell us a little about yourself

Name: Amber Gabrielle

Age: 24

Country: United States

Passions: Public health, epidemiology, data analysis (I’m kinda   nerdy), books, travel, good food, and the arts!

Training: My Bachelor’s in undergrad (university) was in Global   Affairs and Global Health. My Master’s is in Epidemiology. So, my   background lies in global health and epidemiologic research.

Occupation: Epidemiologist / data analyst

Favourite Quote: “I’m a real rebel with a cause” -Nina Simone

 How did you get into blogging?

Oh She Went Global is the blog I always wanted to have, especially back when I failed to maintain a blog not once, not twice, but three times. In the past, I would start a blog that centered around one niche, such as beauty; I would then find that I wanted to discuss more than just beauty, but I didn’t know how to incorporate other topics into the blog. So, I closed the blog down; this happened to me three times. I knew I was ready to maintain a blog after I had built a decent Twitter following, and I realized that the things I talked about on there belonged on a blog. I was dropping all this information, all these musings and funny musings and rants and shenanigans, and I realized that this original content belonged on something that was legally owned by ME, and not owned by some billion-dollar social site. Thus, two years ago, my beloved unconventional wellness brand, Oh She Went Global, was born!

 Has anyone, or anything, in particular inspired your creativity   and artistic passion?

Despite my academic background, I’m so blessed to be surrounded by talented creators and creatives. My mommy is probably who comes to mind first. She is this fantastic interior designer who started an entire interior design and lifestyle empire based on her unique talent. As a child, I watched her pursue her dream, her business, with reckless abandon, and a bit of that rubbed off on me. In addition, I’m surrounded by so many photographers, artists, and bloggers (Hi, Daisy!?) who truly inspire me to keep creating.

 Any advice you would like to share with aspiring bloggers?

It’s super important to operate by a personal code of standards when you create content. These days, it’s so easy to get yourself a domain and a logo; thus, it’s easy to simply slap random crap together’s filled with spelling errors, crazy formatting, and rushed work. Definitely create for yourself a code of standards for production, but don’t be paralyzed by perfectionism. This is something I have had to overcome. Mistakes won’t kill you, and they are often what helps you develop your code of standards. So, ensure that your work is quality, but the ultimate best way to become a better blogger is to learn as you go!

What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know now?

I would have abided by my advice above. I remember being so scared of producing subpar work that I wouldn’t post for weeks. I would sit hunched over one writing draft, making hundreds of corrections, seeking perfection. I should have given myself the opportunity to learn as I go, and not be ruled by fear!

 where do you see yourself in 5 years?

God-willing, I will be traveling the world, working with different populations as an epidemiologist (or as a training doctor. I still to unpack this! LOL!) Either way, I will document my travels on le blog!

How would those who know you best, describe your personality?

People closest to me say that I’m the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. I’m hardworking, I have a severe thirst for knowledge, and I’m unapologetically myself. My friends often find me funny, even when I’m not trying to be. Haha!

 Top songs in your playlist right now?

Oh goodness, this will take a while! Hahaha! My music moods change
throughout the day, but I honestly have a real soft spot for throwback jams.

I start my mornings with praise and worship, so “For Your Glory
by Tasha Cobbs or “Free” by Kierra Sheard are often playing.

As the day progresses, I can play anything, from Ledisi’s smooth song “High”
to Tupac’s “How Do U Want It,” to Selena’s “Amor Prohibido.”

If I’m working out, or doing house chores, etc., afrobeats are my preferred
jams. I can’t do my squats without hearing “Ka Bu Ame” by E.L., Gal

Wuk  by Shatta Wale, “Shekini” by P-Square, or “Kukere” by Iyanya.

OH and d don’t forget Lecrae’s new album! I like to end my days with something like Erykah Badu’s “Four Leaf Clover,” Solange’s “Borderline,” or more gospel hits.

Nina Simone is my favorite artist of all time, so “Wild is the Wind,” “Work Song,” and “Baltimore” remain on my playlist regardless. I’ll stop for now! 🙂


 what have been the best memories of being a blogger?

I absolutely love when women contact me saying that my blog helped them do something wonderful, like get into graduate school. This has happened to me many times, and I’m absolutely humbled and honored to know that my mere words on an un-famous blog have helped to change someone’s life. Y’all, it’s absolutely magical. It inspires me to keep creating content!
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Instagram: @ohshewentglobal


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